Experience makes science possible. The sighting of what seems to be a living pterosaur does not force any professor to either ignore it or find a non-pterosaur explanation. When a
number of eyewitnesses report the same kind of apparent pterosaur, reason demands that someone investigates why this is so.
In "Live Pterosaurs in America," the author Jonathan Whitcomb answers the call to make known the truth.
Copyright 2009, 2010 Jonathan David Whitcomb
How could living pterosaurs escape the notice of scientists for centuries? Two words: "nocturnal," "rare." But something else has prevented the discovery of these amazing animals: dogmatism of standard biology.
Living pterosaurs? How could they now be living in California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, New York, and many other states? Did not pterosaurs become extinct millions of years ago? Cryptozoology is the study of reports of creatures (or apparent creatures) whose descriptions suggest something other than creatures classified by standard biology as extant. But biology textbooks list pterosaurs as long-extinct, so why give reports of living creatures credence?
Part of the answer is that cryptozoology is not a branch of zoology. An attitude shouting for the sleeping biologist to get his face off the dusty table--that is just what this is: cryptozoology.
Beware of the dogma that bites the hand that feeds it: human experience. Real science involves not just clever imagination but experience. It is one thing to imagine pterosaurs becoming extinct millions of years ago; quite another thing it is to ridicule someone who reports observing one alive. It really is a choice: to really listen.
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