Live Pterosaurs in America
"Pterodactyl" Sighting in California Desert
Non-fiction book by
Jonathan D. Whitcomb
of Long Beach, California
I have been haunted for . . . years by what I saw in the desert. I have never told anyone . . . I was afraid I would be thought nuts . . .
"We did four-wheel-drive everywhere we went in the three days we were out there [in the Anza Borrago State Park, Southern California, about 1991]. We were sitting in the late afternoon shade of a ridge, on lawn chairs, enjoying
the solitude and peace and quiet of the desert when it passed over. . . . It was soaring along the side of a plateau not far from us. . . . I remember saying . . . that looks just like a Taradactyl! . . . it had to have been [a] lot larger than an eagle, maybe three times larger. . . . the face . . . seemed to be narrow and mostly beak. . . . It did not have a tail. But it did have a nub where a tail would be."  [sighting by MB, anonymous]
Pterosaur in the Desert
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Details of this sighting report were found, by the author, to give some credence to the possibility that the eyewitness saw a living pterosaur.
Read many other sighting reports in the non-fiction book "LIve Pterosaurs
in America." Also in chapter three ("California Sightings") is the report of a giant long-tailed pterosaur flying over a road near the University of California at Irvine. The eyewitness descriptions suggest that this is a different kind of animal, not the same species as the one seen in the Anza Borrago State Park in 1991. The one seen near the university (2007) was like a giant Rhamphorhynchoid; the one seen in the desert was like a big (no-tail) Pterodactyloid. [sighting by SNW, an anonymous eyewitness]
"Taradactyl" - 1991
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