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Ropen Expedition Ten Years Ago

Glowing Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea I took the flight from Los Angeles International Airport ten years ago tomorrow, to eventually arrive in Papua New Guinea, to search for ropens. How did the living-pterosaur expeditions in those remote tropical rain … Continue reading

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Size of Pterosaur Head

The size of the head of a flying creature sometimes gives us a clue that neither bird nor bat was observed, but a living pterosaur, especially when the head appears to be three feet or more in length. Scott Norman (the … Continue reading

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American Ghost Lights

Chapters Four and Five of Live Pterosaurs in America are titled “Flying Luminescence” and “American Ghost Lights.” The lights have been seen in many states, some of them for generations, with names like Marfa Lights (Texas), Hornet Spook Light (borders … Continue reading

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Jupiter, Florida, Sighting

At about 2:30 a.m., in 2002 or 2003, two men were talking outside a house in Jupiter, Florida, when a strange creature flew over their heads and into the backyard. Moments later, another one flew in a different direction. They … Continue reading

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Eyewitness Fear

On pages 23 of my non-fiction book Live Pterosaurs in America, the eyewitness DF (anonymous) said, “The threat felt from this thing is what bothers me the most. Once . . . I encountered a cougar . . . That … Continue reading

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