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Pterosaurs and Marfa Lights

Perhaps the case for Marfa Lights being living pterosaurs is somewhat speculative. But how speculative are the criticisms of those who insist that pterosaurs cannot be living! One critic went so far as to suggest that whiskey is the cause … Continue reading

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“Marfa Lights Solved” – Is it a Giant Bird?

I reply to a blog post (Houston Press Blogs) by Richard Connelly: “Marfa Lights Solved!! It’s a Giant Bird!!” His brief remarks of December 7th were surely occasioned by the December 6th press release about my hypothesis on Marfa Lights. I don’t … Continue reading

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Flying Creature in Los Angeles

Flying only about 300 feet above the heads of two astonished humans (the couple had been taking a walk in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County one night in 2009), the creature appeared to have a wingspan of 10-20 … Continue reading

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British Biologist Observes Strange Lights

How are a British insect expert and strange flying lights in New Guinea related to reports of modern living pterosaurs in the United States? That requires a detailed explanation, but they do relate. Bioluminescence is light produced by living organisms such … Continue reading

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American Ghost Lights

Chapters Four and Five of Live Pterosaurs in America are titled “Flying Luminescence” and “American Ghost Lights.” The lights have been seen in many states, some of them for generations, with names like Marfa Lights (Texas), Hornet Spook Light (borders … Continue reading

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