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I’m a passionate investigator of reports of living pterosaurs throughout the world. I explored part of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, in 2004, interviewing many natives who had seen the ropen.

Is it a Hoax, the Civil War Pterosaur Photo?

By the living-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb More Evidence Supports Ptp The scientist Clifford Paiva has uncovered additional evidence that the Civil War pterosaur photograph called “Ptp” is indeed as old as it appears at first glance: It was probably taken … Continue reading

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Skeptical Responses to Civil War Pteranodon Photo

By modern-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb The dead flying creature seen in the “Pteranodon photograph,” (Ptp) although it may be called a “pterodactyl” by some Americans and a “ropen” by others, could be a pterodactyloid pterosaur, possibly without the long tail that … Continue reading

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Ropen Sighting in Ohio in Late 2016

By the modern-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb Last month I got an email from a man who lives in Gahanna, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. He and his teenaged son were driving near their home at 6:45 p.m. on December 19, … Continue reading

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A Few Sightings of Pterosaurs Reported in 2016

Be aware that an eyewitness may use one or more of a number of words for the flying creature that was observed: Dragon Flying dinosaur Pterodactyl Dinosaur bird Featherless flying creature The point is that these are featherless flying creatures and are generally … Continue reading

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Pterosaur Sightings in Pennsylvania

Near Pottstown, Pennsylvania, about 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia, three children observed an apparent pterosaur flying overhead. I received an email from their father last week, on what he learned by questioning them. The sighting was on Thursday, May 5, 2016, … Continue reading

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New – Pterosaur Sightings in the United States

Details are now available on ninety important sighting reports: apparent pterosaurs in the lower-48 states of the USA, with data compiled at the end of 2012. These many details had been unavailable to the public before now (June of 2015). Why? … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs Carbon-Dated to < 40,000 Years BP

Assumptions About Pterosaur and Dinosaur Extinctions For generations, Americans and peoples of other Western countries have been indoctrinated, from early childhood, with continuous proclamations about all of the dinosaurs and pterosaurs becoming extinct many millions of years ago. The truth … Continue reading

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Pterodactyl Attacks in British Columbia?

Set aside any independent reports that I, Jonathan Whitcomb, may have personally received from eyewitnesses; we have two authors whose books either imply or describe apparent modern pterosaurs (AKA “pterodactyls”) in British Columbia, and those two nonfiction books include reports … Continue reading

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