Pterosaur Sightings in the U.S.A.

Eyewitness Accounts of Apparent Living Pterosaurs
in various states of the United States of America

Sherman Oaks, California, 2009
"A couple was walking their dog at about 10:30 p.m. . . . in the city of Sherman Oaks, California, when they saw a 'very large, winged creature' gliding about 300 feet overhead. The woman described glowing or reflective portions of the wings . . ."
Pterosaur in Northeast Texas
"Fortunately the eight-year-old was not in the swamp but in the yard, waiting for his mother to come out. Something strange flew out of the swamp while Aaron’s back was turned. It flew just over his head, stopping in mid-air to hover for awhile. The boy knew it was not a bird or bat that he was staring at. There were not feathers, so it was no bird; it had a long tail, so it was no bat. He knew what it was but was shocked: a pterosaur!"
Living Nightmare: Attack in the Dead of Winter
[Nocturnal-pterosaur interpretation of mystery lights of Marfa, Texas]
"Remember your worst nightmare? Were you glad to wake up? Be grateful. In the early morning hours of February 23, 2010, a few miles or so southwest of Marfa Texas, the victims were terrified by what awakened them. . . . a few days after this event, I interviewed my friend James, who had been driving through Southern Texas . . ."
Live "pterodactyls!" In the United States? Prepare for a shock if you thought they all died millions of years ago. In California, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and many other states, eyewitnesses have been shocked by featherless creatures flying overhead. . . . [many are] much larger than any bat; Many have long tails; many have head crests.
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The overall reports of apparent living pterosaurs, in the United States, have been shown, statistically, to be from something other than hoaxes. No hoax or combination of hoaxes could have produced the overall descriptions given by eyewitnesses.