California Pterosaur in Irvine

Interview of Eyewitness
In mid-2008, Jonathan Whitcomb, (author of cryptozoology books) interviewed an eyewitness of an apparent pterosaur, seen eleven months earlier, at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. The total length of the creature was about 30 feet and about half of that being tail length.
Pterosaur Described
A huge pterosaur-like creature, in daylight, in August of 2007, flew into the wildlife refuge, crossing the road going north from the university campus (road on the west side of the sanctuary), and according to the anonymous eyewitness, the length of the flying creature was close to the width of the road (30 feet), for it flew right over the road, at low elevation. There were no feathers.

Southern California Sanctuary

All 300 acres of the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary provide a safe nesting and feeding area for many of the birds and animals. And with eleven miles of trails, humans can hike around and watch wildlife all day.

No release of any wild (or pet, domesticated) animal is allowed. And please do not feed the wild-
life, for they have much healthy
food provided by nature. Also, stay on the marked trails and
roads. Thank you.
Apparently Safe Now
At least since the mid-2007 incident just north of California State University, Irvine, the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary seems to have had no report of anything similar. It seems to be safe now.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, California

Giant "Pterodactyl" Sighting


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