Live Pterosaurs in America
How Many Eyewitnesses?
Cryptozoology book by
Jonathan David Whitcomb
"I estimated that at least 100 credible eyewitnesses of apparent living pterosaurs have reported their sightings to cryptozoologists from 1980 to now.
"Of the total who have had that kind of encounter, only about 33% have the confidence (in their senses) to be able to contact a cryptozoologist about it.
"Of those 33%, only about 40% (max) want to initiate that contact; but only half of those (max) actually do so.
"realistically, less than 6% of those who are emotionally capable of contacting a cryptozoologist about a sightings have actually contacted one, so at least 1500 Americans have seen what my associates and I firmly believe are living pterosaurs."
Jonathan Whitcomb
Estimate of Aug 15, 2009
Book about living "pterodactyls" in the United States of America
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From the book "Live Pterosaurs in America," eyewitnesses say:
"I have been haunted for . . . years by what I saw . . . I have never told anyone . . . I was afraid I would be thought nuts." (MB) (California)
"We were astonished by what we saw and didn't even talk about it." (one of two eyewitnesses in Florida)
"My father has been the subject of much ridicule after claiming to have seen a 'dinosaur bird.' . . . My sister and I dismissed it . . . I went online, and to my surprise, Dad wasn't making it up." (Richmond, Virginia)
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