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Washington State Pterosaur Pair

From the second edition of Live Pterosaurs in America (to be published within the next few weeks; available from Amazon and other retailers): Early in 2008, I received an email from man who reported a pair of ropen-like creatures in … Continue reading

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“Radar Criticism” of Live Pterosaurs

Less common than most objections, the “radar criticism” of modern pterosaurs is easily refuted. Regardless of how often specific airport radars pick up flocks of birds, how would an operator deal with a blip that was made by a live … Continue reading

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City Pterosaurs

Some people assume that pterosaurs, because they have not yet been officially discovered by Western science, fly only in remote areas of the planet. Think about this: If a butterfly can be carried by wind over the Atlantic Ocean, still alive, (it … Continue reading

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