Size of Pterosaur Head

The size of the head of a flying creature sometimes gives us a clue that neither bird nor bat was observed, but a living pterosaur, especially when the head appears to be three feet or more in length.

Scott Norman (the late cryptozoologist) observed an apparent Pteranodon, one night in 2007, as he sat alone watching the sky. He estimated the head of the huge flying creature at about four feet in length.

Duane Hodgkinson (the World War II veteran) observed an apparent Rhamphorhynchoid, one day in 1944, as he and his army buddy had been watching some large tropical ants in a jungle clearing in New Guinea. He estimated the head of the “pterodactyl” at about three to four feet.

A skeptic might suggest that Hodgkinson had observed a large bird that had a big head, but that suggestion runs into problems. The World War II veteran estimated the length of the tail at “at least” ten or fifteen feet, far too long to have been the tail of any bird known to science. The head crest was long and much more like a pterosaur’s than like any bird’s. There was no sign of feathers. The wingspan was similar to that of a Piper Tri-Pacer (a little less than thirty feet). And this sighting was in clear view, at only about 80-100 feet away, in the middle of the day. There was no misidentification of a bird.

Other details in an eyewitness reports can give clues that the flying creature was a modern living pterosaurs, but the size of the head may nonetheless be significant.

Scott Norman – Nocturnal Pterosaur Sighting

I give Scott high credibility in this night sighting, for he began his watch that night with honest skepticism. He suspected that his associates, may have been over-zealous in hoping that the nocturnal flyers in that area were pterosaurs.

Cryptozoologist Scott Norman Sees Pterosaur

The animal I saw had an 8-10 foot wing span, the wings were bat-like in shape, the inside had that wavy type of look. The body was about 5-6 feet in length, the neck about 1-2 feet in length, the head was about four feet in length, and the head was key for me: it has a crest that was about 2 feet in length, fit that of a pteranodon . . .


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I'm a passionate investigator of reports of living pterosaurs throughout the world. I explored part of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, in 2004, interviewing many natives who had seen the ropen.
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