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Live Pterosaurs in America versus Searching for Ropens and Finding God 
Copyright 2009, 2010, 2014 Jonathan David Whitcomb
Comparing the two nonfiction paperbacks 
Both books are by Jonathan David Whitcomb; both in third edition
Live Pterosaurs in America 3rd edition Pure cryptozoology genre For readers of all faiths and origin beliefs 154 pages Many sightings in the United States of America Mostly of eyewitnesses interviewed by the author Published in 2011 Extensive index Average dimensions: 5.4 by 8.4 inches $13.65 suggested retail price
Searching for Ropens and Finding God 3rd edition Cross genre: cryptozoology/spiritual/true-life adventure For readers of all faiths, yet an atheist might be offended 354 pages Many sightings around the world, including in the USA Eyewitness interviews and adventures  and other experiences of explorers Published in 2014 Extensive index Larger book: 6 by 9 inches $17.50 SRP
Both were published by Jonathan Whitcomb through Createspace (on-demand printing)
Both nonfictions include the two sightings in Cuba, encounters by Patty Carson and Eskin Kuhn. Overlapping of information, in the two books, was unavoidable, in regard to the two sightings in Cuba, yet the encounters are handled in different ways, with each book having its own uniqueness. I suggest reading both books, to get the most about those two eyewitness sightings in Cuba in the mid-twentieth century. For the most part, there is limited overlapping of sighting reports in these two books. SFRFG has a 100-page chapter on sightings in the United States, with many of those encounters being absent from LPA. Likewise, LPA has many reports not in SFRFG. These two paperbacks would go well together on your book shelf.
Called “the Bible of modern pterosaurs”
The original authority on modern pterosaurs in the United States