Live Pterosaurs in America
Comparison with "Searching for Ropens"
Mostly cryptozoological
Creation-vs-evolution in appendix, origin theories given limited attention
Many sightings in the United States
Mostly experiences of eyewitnesses interviewed by the author
146 pages of content
Second edition (2010)
$13.65 suggested retail
Live Pterosaurs in America
Nonfiction live-pterosaur book published by Createspace
Cryptozoology and Christian values
Creation-vs-evolution throughout, origin theories given much attention
Many sightings in Papua New Guinea
Many experiences of explorers and also eyewitnesses they interviewed
263 pages of content
Second edition (2007)
$16 suggested retail
Searching for Ropens
Nonfiction live-pterosaur book published by Wingspan Press
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Live Pterosaurs in America (Home)
California Pterodactyl
Texas Pterosaur
Book Introduction
Both books by
Jonathan Whitcomb
Both of these non-fiction books promote research and expeditions for living pterosaurs -------- Copyright 2009, 2010 Jonathan Whitcomb
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