Live Pterosaurs for Kids Patty Carson was about six years old when she and her brother saw this animal. Patty is grown up now. She is a good artist and drew this picture of what she saw when she was a kid. She is now a nurse, but she also raises fancy chickens to sell in Riverside, California. She and her brother were only thirty feet away from the creature that she later called a “dinosaur.” But her mom and dad would not believe her. This happened at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Aaron Tullock was eight years old when he saw this flying creature in the yard of his grandparent’s house in Texas. He is now grown up. He may not have as much talent in drawing as Patty Carson does; but he remembers the long tail and bright colors and teeth of the pterosaur that he saw flying eight feet high. Patty and her brother and sister with “Billy” in Cuba Patty Carson grown up and with one of her many pets Gideon Koro was a boy when he and his friends saw the giant ropen fly over a crater lake on the island of Umboi in Papua New Guinea. They were scared. In 2004, the American Jonathan Whitcomb went to Papua New Guinea and interviewed the young man Gideon Koro. Whitcomb believes that Gideon was telling the truth about what he saw. Jonathan Whitcomb is a cryptozoologist who lives in California. He interviewed each of these three eyewitnesses of flying creatures that he thinks are live pterosaurs. Parents or guardians of children can talk with him by email. He has written two non-fiction books and one scientific article about reports of apparent living pterosaurs.