Books on Biblical Creation
Reviews of nonfiction books related to creationist and Intelligent Design research and ideas
Excerpts from book (or DVD) reviews in the "Creation Research Society Quarterly"
Compiled by Jonathan Whitcomb, author of the nonfiction book Searching for Ropens, Living Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea
Battleground University
by E. Norbert Smith and Johanna Jones
Tate Publishing, Mustang, OK
2008, 134 pages, $12.00

Review by Emmett L. Williams
"Creation Research Society Quarterly"
Volume 45, Number 3, Winter 2009, pg 190
Employing the style of C. S. Lewis's classic,
The Screwtape Letters, the authors reveal
a not-so-suble shift in collegiate educational
techniques and course content from true
critical thinking to brainwashing students
with godlessness. . . . The author's website
is at
I recomment this thoughtful satire by two
college professors as an eye-opening
account of trends in modern academia.
The Genesis Debate
by Answers in Genesis
AIG, Hebron, KY, 2003
105 minutes, $12.00
Review by Jeffrey Stueber
Paul Willis, an evolutionary paleologist and science journalist . . . [and] Carl Wieland, CEO of Creation Ministries International in Australia . . . tangled at Northside Church
. . . Willis, the atheist, despite his pretensions of having bedrock evidence, is countered successfully at every turn by Wieland.

 . . . While watching this video, I found it informative and certainly not indicative that creationists are in the weaker scientific position in debates, rather Willis was un-
informed of some recent creationist papers that rebut his positions. He appears desperate to disprove creationist arguments by relying on legal decisions that cannot adequately deal with this issue. . . .
The Edge of Evolution
by Michael Behe
Free Press, New York,
2007, 321 pages, $28.00
Review by Ker C. Thomson
The book is a devastating quantitative empirical evaluation of the Darwinian mechanism for macroevolution. It essentially reduces the mechanism of macroevolution to something close to an absurdity.
The central core of the book is a detailed study of the principle malaria parasite strain . . . the human response to malaria, and the parasitic response to the human actions against it.
Behe concludes that purposeful design extends into biology at least to the major classes of vertebrates.

Giant Pterosaur or Exaggeration
It's sub-titled "Are sightings of apparent
giant 'pterodactyls' exaggerated?" This
explains what is not scientific criticism.
Pterosaurs Alive in Press Releases
Here find press releases: shocking reports.
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